SR ENGINEERS is built upon our collective values: qualityorganisation, and high ethical standards. We are a small-scalecreative company located in Wimbledon , London. We specialise in modernthoughtful and sensitive design, and have experience across a range of sectors and building types. We work closely with clients, local communities, consultants and contractors, responding to their needs and aspirations and respecting each project’s unique social, economic, historical and environmental context.


As it has already mentioned, we specialise in modernthoughtful and sensitive design, and have experience across a range of sectors and building types.

We are also big believers in building beautiful. We specialise in creating beautiful junctions and details with a careful and sustainable approach to materials.


Founded in Wimbledon , in 2019 , SR ENGINEERS strives to impact people through places. No matter what project we are designing, we always envision spaces that will inspire people, help them connect with one another, and enrich the human experience. You will be surprised by what we can do for you. We would love to work with you on your next project and provide you our following services:

  • Planning Permission Services

Planning is complex and no one can guarantee planning permission, but our practice is here for you.  We set out an approach to this challenge that works with the realities of a complex planning system. Our rigorously tested system allows us to specialise in crafting creative planning application strategies.  ​

  • Building control , Specifications & Details

Our team works with the specification of the materials and construction methods proposed to be used in the foundations, walls, floors, roof, drainage etc. In addition, delivering accurate calculations regarding the structural integrity, thermal performance of the building and other requirements of the regulations.

  • Temporary Work Designs

Our team is well organised to coordinate design, selection of equipment, the appointment of contractors, supervision of work, checking completion, authorisation to load and removal.

  • Cark Park Designs

Our team helps in seeking approval from local councils and neighbouring businesses to progress the build the cark park along with the essential  planning permission  ​

  • Building Designs

​Our planning team see a multitude of buildings being created that makes little contribution to our built environment along with the elements of order and unity, expression, integrity, plan and section, detail and integration.